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Florida Photographer, Cinematographer and film maker: David DeFino

David DeFino has spent some time learning the insides of entertainment. After Obtaining his degree in Film and Video Production, David Moved to Los Angeles in 1996. He quickly found work in doing special effects for the motion picture industry.  David worked in the miniatures department on films such as:

  • Asteroid
  • Dante's Peak
  • Titanic (winner best visual efx Oscar)
  • While working on Titanic, the model shop foreman (George Stevens) introduced David to Gene Young (who owned a boutique SFX shop and motion control stage in Glendale). David soon began working for Gene, and eventually became Shop Foreman for Gene Young Effects. It was here, under Gene's tutelage, that David began to delve deeper into imagery and design in media. It was also here that David was first introduced to marketing design. With Gene, David worked on ad campaigns for:

  • FedEx
  • JPL
  • NBC
  • and many more...
  • With the constant forward march of technology, much of the tools Gene and David were using became obsolete. Gone were the days of "Optically correct" product boxes, and 4 foot tall beer cans. No more were stat cameras and darkrooms a part of the equation. Gene closed shop in 1999, and David changed direction.

    In October of 1999 David took a job with a local entertainment lighting rental warehouse called Production Resource Group (PRG). David only planned to stay with PRG for a few months, He stayed until 2007.

    While with PRG David first ran the repair department, and then the followspot department. With PRG David was able to be a part of many high profile projects including:

    • The Oscars
    • The Grammy's
    • The Golden Globes
    • America's Funniest Home Videos
    • The Emmy's
    • The Olympics
    • American Idol
    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    • and Many More...

    In 2007, David decided to go freelance. He left his full-time job with PRG (but continued to work with them on a freelance basis). David took this time to go back to something he really loved and worked as a gaffer on many independent feature films over the next several years. In between Feature films, David stayed busy working on dozens of music videos, media junkets, and commercials. During this time, David worked on advertising campaigns for:

    • Chevrolet
    • Jenny Craig
    • Dorritos
    • Nintendo
    • Mini
    • Tempurpedic
    • McDonalds
    • and Many More...

    David Also returned to Visual Effects during this time and began doing motion graphics for documentaries and multi media websites. It was with this work, that David began working with his old friend Tom Fanelli.

    David is currently involved in many projects. He also writes several blogs, and has been exploring a more artistic side of his photography and cinematography.