Easter Bunny Kill Kill!

Easter Bunny Kill Kill: Here is my behind the scenes account. This is the second Feature that I worked as Gaffer on for Director Chad Ferrin. Chad had D.P.’d my Film Devil’s Moon, and we’ve been working together since. Before Easter Bunny Kill Kill, I had worked on Chad’s film The Ghouls. The Ghouls was a great experience that I would write more about, but I don’t seem to have any pics to go along with it so I am going to skip it for now.

*The sewer sets from The Ghouls were used again in my short film Down The Drain.

I was working full time at PRG at the time that Easter Bunny Kill Kill was made. Because of this, I had several scheduling conflicts and was not actually on set every day. The movie was actually shot in Cinematographer Giuseppe Asaro’s house. Therefore we had plenty of time to pre-light a large part of the movie.

Easter Bunny Kill Kill is a great movie that didn’t really find it’s place. It took a while to find distribution because some people found it to disturbing. I personally think it is a great mix of gritty realism, over the top violence, and dark humor. Chad is great for that joke that makes you laugh, then immediately makes you feel bad for laughing at it.

Easter Bunny Kill Kill had a great working team that did several movies together. Besides myself, and Chad Ferrin, The movie starred Tim Muskatell, and Trent Haaga (who also produced). Line Producer John Santos, Key Grip Greg Ewing, and sound man Steve Hitselberger rounded out the team. This group of guys pretty much all worked together on Devil’s Moon, The Ghouls, Easter Bunny Kill Kill, Down The Drain, Someone’s Knocking at the Door, and Chop.  It was quite a run.

On another note, When Chad finally got a distribution deal for Easter Bunny Kill Kill, he hired me to do the DVD box art. I spent a lot of time talking to Chad about what he thought, and then I spent a lot of time putting it together. I submitted it, Chad Liked it, but the Distributor did not. Feeling depressed and rejected, I sat down and threw a new design together in like 5 minutes. I submitted that one, and it was accepted. (below is a series of my original designs. The Australian version of the DVD did end up having a variation of this original box art.)

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