Brides of Sodom was an interesting Creep Creepersin film to work on. It was shot mostly on sets built in a small studio in South Central Los Angeles. (and parts were shot in the junkyard out back...) This was a complete freak show to work on. It was Gorilla film making to some twisted extreme. Defiantly a unique fringe type art piece. As I right this, I have yet to see Brides of Sodom, but I just found out it is available, so I plan on checking it out, and I will report back...

Orgy of Blood. So one day back in 2009 I received a call from John Santos about working on a film called Orgy of Blood. It was to be directed by Creep Creepersin, and produced by Domiziano Arcangeli. The Cinematographer was a guy from Italy named Mirco Sgarzi. Mirco brought with him his AC/Gaffer (?) Diego Artioloi, and I was “Key Grip”. (Tom Devlin was also there doing SFX.)

Mirco and Diego spoke enough English for us to get by (even though I am half Italian, my grandparents arrived here in the early 1900's and thought it would be disrespectful for our family to continue to speak Italian in our new home... so it was English only for my family). Anyway, a 2k is a 2k in any language right? I would usually set up as close to what I thought Mirco wanted as I could, and then let Diego do the final touches to get it right.

Working on a Creep Creepersin film is an interesting experience. It really felt like I would imagine an old John Waters set to be like. There was nudity, gore and freaks everywhere. I felt right at home... At times, my “big Hollywood Ways” would cause me to but heads with people... that tends to happen (Once, I was in Tennessee working on “Nashville Star” and was called a “Hollywood Prima Donna” for bring up a safety issue... but that is a different story).

I haven't seen the finished product, or do I know if Orgy of Blood is available out there anywhere. If you can find it, check it out... and shoot me an e-mail to let me know where you got it.

Brothers Cannibal: Another movie I worked on for Director Creep Creepersin was Brothers Cannibal. This was a feature shot in very quick space (about 3 days). It was a fun shoot and as with Orgy of Blood, a complete freak show..

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